This plan was posted on May 28, 2020. It is considered a working document and will be updated as required with guidance from Erik Fisher, General Manager, and input from Danett Fisher, Tasting Room Manager.

On May 15th 2020, BC’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, issued an order to food service establishments and liquor services which repeals and replaces her March 20th order. Food service establishments and liquor services (to include winery tasting rooms) are now allowed to re-open subject conditions outlined in the May 15th order.

We have carefully considered all of the conditions and are confident that we can safely re-open for tastings, albeit with alterations to our previous model.

In accordance with the May 15th order, this COVID-19 Safety Plan for Monte Creek Winery will be posted on our website; within the winery; and a copy kept should it be requested by a health officer/WorkSafeBC officer.

This COVID-19 Safety Plan for Monte Creek Winery was developed using WorkSafeBC’s template and resources available here:


  • We have received input from multiple sources and stakeholders including WorkSafeBC, as well as staff and management at Monte Creek Winery.
  • We have identified areas where people might gather (entrance way, washroom area, tasting bar) and have implemented procedures to eliminate gathering.
  • We have identified job tasks and processes where staff come close to one another and/or the public and have implemented procedures to eliminate close contact.
  • We have identified tools, machinery, equipment and surfaces that workers and/or guests share and have implemented procedures to limit the shared use of same. This includes implementing new sanitation protocols.


  • We will not host a tasting or permit entry to Monte Creek Winery to anyone exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days. This includes both staff and guests. COVID-19 symptoms include fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscles aches or headache.
  • Workers must report to management if they exhibit even mild COVID-19 symptoms during their shift.
  • Workers who fall ill with symptoms of COVID-19 during their shift will be asked to isolate in a structure away from the winery/tasting room building. We will immediately sanitize surfaces that the worker has come into contact with and suspend tastings for that day. We will contact a family member, 811 or 911 as required to ensure the staff member receives the appropriate care.


Although tasting rooms are NOT required (like restaurants for example) to halve their occupancy, we feel that 2m physical distancing between staff and guests is only possible if we separate our tasting bars. As such, we are LIMITING the number of guests in the tasting room at Monte Creek Winery to 25 guests at any one time.


  • The wine store will remain open, but we will limit the number of customers (25) in the store to ensure physical distancing.
  • Once capacity has been reached, a line-up will form outside of the tasting room with physical distancing markers indicating where people can wait at a 2-meter distance from others.
  • There will be designated doors at the entrance of the winery for staff/ deliveries and a separate designated entrance for customers/visitors.
  • Signage referencing the flow of guests, as well as reminders about 2m physical distancing has been installed.
  • Where possible, doors will remain open to limit the need to touch door knobs; same with light switches and extractor fans (all will remain on). We will wipe down POS with sanitizer after every customer.
  • We will also place hand sanitizer in the store area, and tasting areas for use by guests and staff.
  • Sanitizer and disposable cleaning cloths will be placed throughout the winery so that the staff on duty can easily and regularly sanitize surfaces to include (but not limited to); washrooms, POS, POS area, door knobs & light switches (if necessary), bottles that are being handled by pourers.


  • Wine Tastings will be hosted at 3 separated tasting bars in our tasting room.
  • There is a strict max of 6 people per tasting group.
  • While we are accepting walk-ins, reservations are highly recommended and encouraged.
  • We will continue to use real glass for tastings/water, but the glasses will be sanitized immediately after each tasting party.
  • Tasters/customers will approach the tasting bar and select which menu they would like to taste. While the Tasting Bar Associate is pouring, the guests will take a step back. Once finished pouring, the Associate will take a step back from the bar, to create safe social distance. The guests can they approach and taste their wine.
  • We will be pouring strict 1 oz pours and no longer offering communal spittoons. We can provide disposable cups for individuals wishing to spit during their tasting.
  • Guests can no longer request to see/hold the tasting bottle.


  • At the till, we will request the customer approach to complete the transaction, only when the staff member can step back to ensure 2m physical distancing.
  • The POS system,


  • Capacity will be reduced to 50%.
  • While we are accepting walk-ins, reservations are highly recommended and encouraged.
  • Terrace guests are to enter from the designated outdoor area. They will wait to be seated by a staff member.
  • Tables will be distanced 2 meters from each other.
  • Tables positions are not to be adjusted unless authorized by a manager.
  • Parties will be limited to no more than 6 people per table.
  • Guests are to refrain from contact with tables, other than your own.
  • Menus will be laminated and be sanitized after each use.
  • Servers will leave food and drinks at the front of the table and let guests pass them to the respective guest once the server has stepped away.
  • Condiments will be removed from tables and only provided upon request. They will be sanitized after each use.
  • If a customer wishes to take their food to go, a take-out container will be provided but the customer will be required to package it themselves.
  • Debit/credit will be the preferred method of payment but cash will still be accepted.
  • Payment machines will be disinfected between each customer.


  • When possible, employees who can will work from home or in a remote office space.
  • Pod scheduling will be done with staff working at corresponding times to create bubbles and to help mitigate the risk of spread in the case that someone becomes ill
    • Lunch breaks will be staggered so that only one individual will be using a common staff area at a time
  • Occupancy limits have been established for all common areas and spaces and must be adhered to at all times. This includes customer/visitors and staff members.
  • Job duties have been modified so that a 2-meter distance can be maintained between staff members. When sharing a common space, please be mindful that these 2 meters are maintained wherever possible
  • Because we understand that masks should only be considered when other control measures cannot be implemented, staff and guests may wear masks if they wish but this will not be mandatory.
  • Staff will continue to wash their hands regularly with soap and hot water, drying them with disposable towels or air hand dryers.


  • Washrooms have a strict capacity of 2 people at one time.
  • Proper signage has been installed to inform guests.
  • Sinks and air dryers are contactless motion sensor.
  • Staff will adhere to a strict guest washroom cleaning schedule.


  • The licensed picnic area is open for guest use.


  • At this time, barriers such as Plexiglas partitions will not be installed as workers duties have been modified so that they can maintain a 2-meter distance at all times from customer/visitors and other staff members.
  • If an occasion arises where a barrier is deemed necessary, steps will be taken to install all necessary barriers.


    • We have a training plan to ensure staff is trained in policies and procedures – this includes staying in regular email/text communication with staff, as well as sharing any updates to Monte Creek Winery’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.
    • The safety plan must be read by staff and will be easily accessible on the website, as well as in the winery (hard copy). Verbal communications will be on-going.


    • As Phase 2 evolves, we will constantly reassess our protocols and policies and procedures to ensure the safety of both staff and guests. This policy will be amended to follow all orders issued by the Public Health Officer and guidelines provided by WorkSafeBC. We will update our COVID-19 safety plan accordingly.
    • Staff know to approach Monte Creek Winery’s management with any health and safety concerns.
    • We will work as a team to resolve safety issues.

    We want to thank our guests for their support as we navigate this new normal. We appreciate your patience while our team adjusts to our new daily operations.

    We are all in this together. We are doing our best to protect you. Please do your best to protect yourself and others.



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