#TeamTuesday | Meet Courtney

Where are you from / where did you grow up? I am from Langley, born and raised. Where’s your favorite place in the world? Mexico, it is my happy…[Read More]


Venison Stew

A hearty Venison Stew made right on your stove top. Perfect for the winter months or any time you have venison stew meat on hand.  Stews can be tricky. You…[Read More]


2019 Wine Resolutions

HELLO 2019! 2019 is officially here! A New Year mean new New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps digging up the one from past years and dusting them off for the…[Read More]



Homemade mulled wine is incredibly easy to make on the stove top or simmer in the slow cooker. It’s easy to customize with your favorite spices and add-ins, and…[Read More]


Our Cellar Laid An Egg

Welcome to the Cellar We are excited to announce that we have a new addition in the cellar – a new toy for our winemaker, Galen Barnhardt, to play…[Read More]