getting ready to plant in Keremeos

We have new plantings in our Keremeos vineyard! These vines were grown in our nursery in the Fraser Valley. From there, they were brought into the Interior to their final home. It will take about three years before we see any fruit from these new vines. Monte Creek Winery has three vineyards. Two of them are just outside of Kamloops near our winery, the other one is all the way in the Similkameen Valley near the village of Keremeos.


monte creek keremeos


Our Keremeos property is 100-acres in size and grows grape varieties like  Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir to make some of your favourite wines. Our new vines in Keremeos bring that vineyard’s total planted acreage up to 37 acres.

If you are having trouble picturing that, not to worry. We were curious too, and we found out that 37 acres is the rough equivalent of:

      • 18 1/2 CFL football fields,
      • 28 NFL football fields,
      • 99 NHL hockey rinks,
      • 336 basketball courts, or
      • 5,994 parking spaces.


Keremeos vineyard half planted


A few other interesting facts are that within those 22.39 acres, we have 45,296 vines, which is roughly 2,025 vines per acre. To put that number into perspective, 45,296 is just over half of the Kamloops population! That is a lot of grapes, and it is all thanks to our dedicated team of vineyard workers.


Keremeos Vineyard Crew 2021