On a daily basis, travelers make their way to Monte Creek Ranch Winery to enjoy a guided walking vineyard tour, a wine tasting or an alfresco dining experience on the Terrace. What most people don’t realize is that many times, these guests are also sharing experiences with us. 

We get a lot of storytellers through our doors and it is always a pleasure to hear of personal connections with the ranch. A large part of our brand is the historical element of the property and the products we produce. We have been able to gather some of these facts and stories thanks to previous owners and the Kamloops Museum and Archives. But, the majority of the historical connections that we have made, are because of visitors to the property.

Most recently, Bill Davidson, resident of Burns Lake, came to the winery. Below he points to the image of his grandfather, Frederick James Carter. Bill’s grandfather was one of the members of the search team which tracked down Bill Miner and his accomplices after the train robbery at Monte Creek in 1906.

Frederick Carter would later go on to enlist and fight in Europe during the First World War, where he died in the trenches. Bill Davidson never met his grandfather.

Thank you, Bill, for sharing this amazing story with us! It was a wonderful #MonteMoment.