As of our April 2020 shipment, we are now offering customization. You may swap out or add wines to your shipment. All changes must be made before the designated date. If you do not make any changes to your shipment, your shipment will consist of the default red, white, or mix selection of wines, chosen by our winemaker.

Wines you receive in your wine club shipment cannot be exchanged. We hope that you will open the bottle of a variety that you don’t think you like and be delightfully surprised. Wine also makes the perfect host/hostess gift so pass the bottle along to someone who will be able to enjoy it!

If you are finding you prefer red wines or prefer white wines, perhaps you might be interested in switching to a red or white only club for your next shipment.  To switch clubs, you can log in to your account or contact the Monte Creek Winery Wine club at [email protected]. All club changes will be made effective your next shipment (including cancellations).

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