Q. What days are you open for service?

Monte Creek Winery is open daily from 11am – 6pm from May until October. During the colder months (November – April), the winery is open daily from 11am – 5pm.

Q. Why did you change the branding?

As the winery has grown and evolved over the years, it was time for the brand to follow. The new branding better reflects our team’s commitment to quality, ongoing innovation, and sustainable practices, that have been our core values from the start. Now our branding aligns with all three. The Monte Creek Winery labels have been redesigned to employ a new bold, minimalistic logo that clearly tells the story of who we are both on the shelf, and in the bottle.

Q. What does the new logo mean?

Our bold monogram is modern, recognizable, practical, and incorporates relevant characteristics of what exists today and for the future. The design conveys a sense of straightforward authenticity and gives attention to describing the nature of the winery, environmental conditions, and hand-crafted processes.

At the center of the logo, a curved M for Monte and C for Creek are symbolic references to the ancient lakes of the Thompson Valley. Three parallel lines and a negative V-shape represent the rows of vines and the valley itself. The parallel lines also symbolize a thumbprint for our handcrafted wines.

Q. Why use different names for your wine tiers?

The naming behind each of our wine series was inspired with quality, innovation, and sustainability in mind. We wanted our labels to represent both the way we farm our vines, and the nutrient-rich soil where they grow. The Living Land and Ancient Waters wines reflect a sense of place while defining the front edge of new-world winemaking.

Q. What’s the meaning behind “Living Land” series?

The Living Land series celebrates the idea that great wines only come from earth that is truly alive. It was important to update the name to intentionally speak to the concept that to grow incredible fruit, you must promote and maintain an environment that is healthy and working with nature, not against it. Biodiversity above and below ground helps to balance this environment, strengthens the grapevine, and creates complexity in the fruit and wine. Without other life, grapevines could not survive, and it’s only when the vines create symbiotic relationships with microbes, fungi, plants, and animals that they thrive. The Living Land name shines a light into all the sustainable practices that are part of Monte Creek’s operations.

Q. What’s the meaning behind “Ancient Waters” series?

The Ancient Waters series refers to the historic geological processes that contribute to our terroir. Whether it was the glaciers, rivers, or lakes, water and ice have shaped the hills that we see from the winery and the valleys in which our vineyards reside. The ancient waters left behind the broad spectrum of soils that create diverse flavour and character in our fruit, and we respect the events from long ago that allow us to create amazing wine. Whether it’s glaciolacustrine silt, loamy sand, alluvial stone, or many others, they each contribute their unique dimension to what we drink today.

Q. What are some of the sustainable practices at Monte Creek?

Regenerative agriculture (the process of conservation and rehabilitation of the ecosystem) is our focus when outlining our sustainable practices. Some of the ways that we’ve deployed regenerative farming in our vineyards have been through:

  1. Developing a compost program
  2. Using cover crop blends with indigenous species
  3. Utilizing compost tea and bio char instead of commercial sprays.

Some of our other sustainable practices include:

    1. Using pigs to eat food scraps
    2. Implementing several initiatives to reduce energy consumption
    3. Becoming Salmon Safe Certified and an OceanWise partner
    4. Employing a zero-waste program to minimize our corporate footprint

    To learn about all the sustainable practices at Monte Creek, visit our Sustainability webpage.

    Q. Can I make a tasting room or restaurant reservation?

    The Tasting Room does not accept reservations for wine tastings and all parties are taken on a first come, first served basis. Due to the size of our Terrace reservations are highly recommended for our Terrace Restaurant. Please call 250-573-5399 to make a reservation.

    Q. How can I book a private event (ex. wedding) at Monte Creek?

    Looking to book a wedding at Kamloops’ Best Wedding Venue of 2021? Visit our Weddings page and fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. For all other events, please email [email protected] or call 250-573-5399. The winery, lawns, and greenhouse await your next private function!

    Q. When is the Terrace Restaurant open?

    The Terrace Restaurant is open seasonally. Check the Terrace webpage for current information.

    Q. Do I need to make reservations for the Terrace Restaurant?

    Due to the size of our Terrace reservations are highly recommended for our Terrace Restaurant. Please call 250-573-5399 to make a reservation.

    Q. Can I order your honey or beef online?

    Unfortunately, we aren’t able to sell our honey, beef or other farm-fresh products on our website yet. They’re available to buy in-store from our Tasting Room, so please drop in if you’ll be in the area, we’re only a 10-minute drive from Kamloops!

    Q. Do I need to make reservations for a wine tasting?

    The Tasting Room does not accept reservations and all parties are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    Q. Is the tasting room open to non wine club members?

    Absolutely, our tasting room is open for everyone to come and experience our award-winning wines and delicious farm fresh food. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to join our wine club after you taste our wine, and if not, that’s okay!

    Q. Is the winery easy to get to from Kamloops?

    We’re only a 10-minute drive out of Kamloops, but some guests have trouble finding us on their GPS. Take a look at our map, which is more accurate than the current GPS mapping, and be sure to give us a call if you have any trouble so we can direct you! 250-573-5399

    Q. Do you ship wine outside of BC?

    We ship within Canada to all provinces and territories where it is permitted. If you have any questions, please call us to make arrangements – 1-855-633-WINE (9463).

    Q. How much will I pay for shipping for each wine order?

    Regular Shipping Rates

    We ship only a minimum of 6 bottles and an increment of 6 after that, for example, 6 bottles, 12 bottles, 24 bottles etc.

    6 bottles: $25.00
    12+ bottles: $30.00

    Wine Club Shipping Rates

    6 Bottle Member: $20.00 flat rate or less based on # of bottles
    12 Bottle Member: Complimentary on all orders


    Q. How do I contact the Monte Creek Wine Club?

    You may contact the support team to help you with all of your questions or concerns.

    Phone number: 250-573-5399

    Email: [email protected]

    Q. I haven’t received any communication from the wine club, is something wrong?

    We do all of our club communication through MailChimp.

    Information regarding shipment details is all sent through MailChimp so make sure that you have provided us with the correct email address on your online profile.

    Often members will find Wine Club communication is filtered into a junk mailbox if they have moderate to high spam settings turned on.

    You will want to make sure that you have added us to your safe senders’ list to ensure Monte Creek Winery Wine Club communication.

    If you have unsubscribed, you will need to resubscribe using the form at the bottom of our Home Page.

    Please note that if your membership has been purchased for you as a gift – emails are being sent to the person who has purchased it for you. Please have them forward Wine Club communication to your email address.

    Q. What is the cost of a Wine Club Membership?

    There is no membership fee for our Wine Club. As a wine club member you are committing to purchasing two 6-bottle or 12-bottle shipments per year, and benefit from a 10% discount on wine as well as reduced shipping costs.

    Q. How and when will I be charged for my Wine Club Shipments?

    Once you have subscribed to be a Wine Club Member, you will receive 6 or 12 bottles of wine 2 times a year (April & October)

    Your wine club shipments will automatically be charged to the credit card provided on the designated dates listed. Please follow the following steps to see when your next shipment is.

    Step 1: Log Into your account


    Step 2: Click on your name


     Step 3: Click on Club Memberships


    Step 4: Check next shipment information

    On the left, it will show the process date. Make sure to have all changes made by 11:59pm the day prior to the date listed. Make sure to have all changes made by 11:59pm the day prior to the date listed.


    Shipments will be packaged during the first week of April and October.

    All changes or cancellations must be made before the designated cut-off date.

    Q. How are wines chosen for each order?

    As of our April 2020 shipment, we are now offering customization. You may swap out or add wines to your shipment. All changes must be made before the designated date. If you do not make any changes to your shipment, your shipment will consist of the default red, white, or mix selection of wines, chosen by our winemaker. Wines included in Wine Club shipments are typically new vintages or exclusive wines only available to Wine Club Members.

    Q. How can I know more about the wines I receive?

    You can find information for each of our wines on our website by clicking Buy Wine on the menu. There you can find descriptions of the taste as well as the harvest date and other specs.

    Q. I don’t like one of the wines in my most recent shipment… Can I exchange it?

    As of our April 2020 shipment, we are now offering customization. You may swap out or add wines to your shipment. All changes must be made before the designated date. If you do not make any changes to your shipment, your shipment will consist of the default red, white, or mix selection of wines, chosen by our winemaker.

    Wines you receive in your wine club shipment cannot be exchanged. We hope that you will open the bottle of a variety that you don’t think you like and be delightfully surprised. Wine also makes the perfect host/hostess gift so pass the bottle along to someone who will be able to enjoy it!

    If you are finding you prefer red wines or prefer white wines, perhaps you might be interested in switching to a red or white only club for your next shipment.  To switch clubs, you can log in to your account or contact the Monte Creek Winery Wine club at [email protected]. All club changes will be made effective your next shipment (including cancellations).

    Q. Can I add additional bottles to my wine club package?

    You certainly can. Just log into your account and add to your order. Your package must meet the minimum bottle number based on your membership type (6 or 12 bottles). Wine club members have access to wines not yet released to the public so this a good opportunity to add to your shipment.

    We can also help you with your selection, just give us a call at:  250-573-5399.

    Q. Can I switch membership types?

    Absolutely. Your preferences are important to us, and we know they can change from time to time. We offer flexibility in changing your membership provided we are given 15 business days-notice prior to the shipping date. If ample notice is not provided, your initial selection will be used.

    If you wish to switch clubs via our website, please subscribe to a new club and then cancel your old club. You will be able to see which club(s) you belong to under CLUB MEMBERSHIPS.

    We can easily make this change for you – email [email protected] or call 250-537-5399 for assistance.

    Q. When will I receive my wine?

    You will receive a shipment of wine in April and October. We will send you a confirmation email the week before orders are shipped. You can also look at the Next Shipment Details on our website at any time.

    Q. How much will I pay for each Wine Club order?

    The exact price of your order will depend on your membership type as well as the wines chosen for you by our winemaker. Please email us at [email protected] for details.

    Q. How much will I pay for shipping for each wine club order?

    6 bottle members pay a flat rate shipping fee of $20.00.

    12 bottle members receive complimentary shipping on wine club shipments and any 6+ bottle order placed throughout the year.

    Q. What happens if I miss the Wine Club delivery?

    Someone over the age of 19 must sign for the delivery.  If no one is home, our preferred courier will leave a door knocker so you know they have been there.  You must contact them directly to arrange for a new delivery date. If alternative arrangements are not made to re-deliver your wine will be shipped back to us and you will incur a re-stocking charge.

    Shipping to an office address is always recommended as someone will be there during the delivery times.  You can always change your shipping address to a place of work.

    Q. How long will you hold my Wine Club shipment?

    Due to storage restrictions, we are able to hold your wine club packages for a maximum of 3 months. If you are attempting to claim a wine club package older than 3 months, your wines may be substituted for comparable products and/or updated vintages. When picking up packages 1 month or older, we ask that you phone the winery ahead of time so we may have your packages ready.

    Q. How do I update my address and/or credit card?

    Visit our website www.montecreekwinery.com.  Sign in to your account on the top right corner of the homepage.  Instructions are there if you have forgotten your username or password.  This is how you can change your shipping address (even temporarily if you are going to be away).

    Or if you prefer, just give us a call at 250-573-5399  and let us handle it for you.

    Q. Can I suspend my membership for a period of time?

    You can now suspend your shipment for a given amount of time through our website.

    Please email [email protected] or call us at 250-573-5399  if you require assistance.