Grown in a lush, fertile valley bordered by mountains, in a perfect climate and growing conditions, British Columbia’s 700 blueberry farmers harvest upwards of 77 million kilograms (170 million pounds) of blueberries annually, with production increasing steadily. We are proud that these blueberries are used in our Blueberry Wine. 

Blueberry-wineThe Reka blueberries for this wine are grown on our own BC Blueberry farms, and are given the same extraordinary care and attention that all of the Monte Creek Ranch artisan products receive. This 100% Blueberry wine is excellent with food thanks to its bright, natural acidity and dry palate. Serve chilled and pair with fowl, salty feta, or Thai food. Bright fuchsia colour. Notes of blueberry, lilac, and white peach. Big fruit and floral flavours with plenty of natural acidity.

Thanks to their high antioxidant levels, blueberries are considered one of the leading “superfruits” by researchers in Canada and U.S. who keep finding more and more health benefits from this tasty little berry. Not that you need another reason to enjoy a glass of blueberry wine.

Our Blueberry Wine is available at the tasting room, via our website and also at various liquor stores across British Columbia.

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