2017 Bottling

And that is a wrap! Bottling of our 2016 vintage finished up last week. It was 5 days of cold weather, long days, new labels and new wines. To answer the question on everyone’s minds, yes, we are bottling our Rose and Blueberry again! On top of that, we have other fantastic news. We also bottled our first ever Haskap wine. Stayed tuned on our social media sites and website as to when these new vintages and releases are going to be available.

Haskap Wine

Now, what the heck is a Haskap wine? The name for this dark berry originates in the Japanese language, it means “berry of long life and good vision.” Studies show Haskap berries contain two to three times more antioxidants than blueberries. The Haskap berries for this wine are grown on our own farms and are given the same extraordinary care and attention that all of the Monte Creek Ranch artisan products receive. If you have been on a tour of the winery, you would have seen the bushes for these tasty little berries near our bee colony.


This 100% Haskap wine is excellent with food thanks to its bright, natural acidity and dry palate. Serve chilled and pair with fowl, salty feta, or Thai food. We look forward to sharing this wine with you come Spring 2017. monte-creek-ranch-haskap-wine