The 2016 season got off to a cracking start, with budbreak being the earliest ever recorded in the Thompson region. A warm spring but relatively cool summer put the harvest about a week behind last year, but still about three weeks earlier than normal. A bit of tough weather during flowering has resulted in a little bit lighter crop for our Monte Creek Ranch vineyards. However, the bright side of the light crop is that we got more concentrated and flavourful fruit.harvest-2016As of the end of October we wrapped up our 2016 Harvest. We are looking forward to sharing the bounty of this year with you! Fermentation is underway and we will start bottling our 2016 vintage in February. Here are some notes from our harvest to get you excited about our 2016 vintage.

  • First day of crush was on August 22nd and started with Marquette. The last day of crush was on October 28th.
  • Total grapes crushed by our winemaking team: 279 tons
  • The total number of wines we are producing from our 2016 harvest: 15
  • Total number of post-harvest shift beers/glasses of wine consumed: lost count